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논문 (Paper)
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01. Transcriptome analysis of the white rot fungus Polyporus brumalis provides insight into sesquiterpene biosynthesis
Su-Yeon Lee, In-Gyu Choi†, Myungkil Kim, Seon-Hong Kim, Chang-Young Hong, Sun-Hwa Ryu
Microbiological Research, 182, pp 141-149, 2016
02. Effect of freeze storage on hemicellulose degradation and enzymatic hydrolysis by dilute-acid pretreatment of Mongolian oak
Han-Seob Jeong, In-Gyu Choi†, Soo-Kyeong Jang, Ho-Yong Kim, Hwanmyeong Yeo, Joon Weon Choi
Fuel, 165, pp 145-151, 2016
Effect of freeze storage on hemicellulose.pdf (866.20KiB, 62Hits)
03. Biotransformation of (-)-α-pinene and Geraniol to α-terpineol and p-menthane-3,8-diol by White Rot Fungus, Polyporus brumalis
Su-Yeon Lee, In-Gyu Choi†, Seon-Hong Kim, Chang-Young Hong, Se-Yeong Park
Journal of Microbiology, 53,7, pp 462-467, 2015
2015-35 Biotransformation of (-)-α-pinene and geraniol to α-terpineol and p-menthane-3,8-diol by white rot fungus, Polyporus.pdf (73.62KiB, 30Hits)
04. Pd-Catalyst Assisted Organosolv Pretreatment to Isolate Ethanol Organosolv Lignin Retaining Compatible Characteristics for Producing Phenolic Monomer
Ho-Yong Kim, In-Gyu Choi†, Han-Seob Jeong, Su-Yeon Lee, Joon Weon Choi
Fuel, 153, pp 40-47, 2015
2015-38 Pd-Catalyst Assisted Organosolv Pretreatment to Isolate Ethanol Organosolv Lignin.pdf (84.90KiB, 27Hits)
05. Optimization of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Conditions for Extraction of Pectin from Rapeseed Cake (Brassica Napus L.) using Commercial Enzymes
정한섭, 최인규†, 김호용, 안세희, 오세창, In Yang
Food Chemistry, 157, pp 332~338, 2014
Optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis conditions for extraction of pectin from rapeseed cake (Brassica napus L.) using commercial enzymes.pdf (776.12KiB, 40Hits)
06. Whitening and Antioxidant Activities of Bornyl Acetate and Nezukol Fractionated from Cryptomeria Japonica Essential Oil
김선홍, 최인규†, 이수연, 홍창영, 곽기섭, 박미진, Smith, David Choi
International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 35, 5, pp 484~490, 2013
Whitening and antioxidant activities of bornyl acetate and nezukol fractionated from Cryptomeria japonica essential oil.pdf (404.81KiB, 40Hits)